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- DanFluence -

Here, I will bring you 
free weekly inspirational content and stories for you to take with you 
along your life journey, seen from the view of a man celebrating over 28 months of sobriety. 

Since getting sober, I have totally redesigned my life - full of new meaning, purpose, insight and motivational energy. Check out my page! It only took my entire life to create it for you ;)

Thank you and God Bless.

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You can not be everyone else, But you can be everything and more of who you already Are.


About Dan

I have always felt like there is a lot to be said for any "about me" section... 

When we think of our own lives, do you think you could put it all down in one "about me" section?....

A memory is imagined.

A photo is captured time. 


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